Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen,
and Grandpa on Climate Change:
Bridging the Gap between Scientific and Public Opinion. Eric P. Grimsrud
Author's Resume


The following is a more complete professional resume of Eric P. Grimsrud



Date of Birth                                      January 27, 1944


Education                                            B.A., Chemistry, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, 1966

Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1970  (James Taylor, research advisor).


Recent Activities

While retired from full-time employment, I am now fully engaged in the education of the general public and their elected officials on the specific topic of climate change.  So far, my activities have included the writing of numerous opinion pieces for several newspapers of Montana and Minnesota (my state of origin) and the teaching of short courses on climate change at Montana State University (Bozeman MT), Flathead Community College (Kalispell MT) and Spokane Community College (Spokane WA), numerous public presentations in Montana and Minnesota, extensive participation in an internet debate on climate change which can be seen at "", and the production of a book called, "Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen,and Grandpa on Climate Change".   This book, originally published in 2009, has recently been updated (May 2012) and is available at all major book outlets.  In addition, I have recently created a "Short Course" on climate change which can be viewed on this web side simply by hitting the "Short Course" tab on the menu.

I have also been as a volunteer for the Union of Concerned Scientists serving on their Team Science. The goal of the Team Science is to educate the public on a national level by posting comments on the e-versions of articles and opinion pieces appearing in our major newspapers and magazines as well by submitting articles of my own creation to the our nation's media. 

Professional Experience


Postdoctoral appointment, research and teaching, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.  Research with Professor Byron Kratochvil in the area of non-aqueous solvent  (Taught Introductory Chemistry), 1970‑72.


Postdoctoral appointment, research and teaching, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.  Research with Professor Paul Kebarle in the area of gas phase ion chemistry. (Taught Introductory Chemistry), 1972‑73.


Research Associate, Air Pollution Research Group, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, 1973‑75.


Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Montana State University, 1975‑79.


Associate Professor of Chemistry, Montana State University, 1979‑83.


Professor of Chemistry, Montana State University, 1983‑2004.


Visiting Scientist, University of Alberta, Department of Chemistry, 1984‑85.


Visiting Scientist, Atmospheric Research Laboratory,  College of Civil and Environmental Engineering,  Washington State University,  Pullman.    2nd half of Spring Semester, 2004.


Professor Emeritus,  Montana State University, August 2004 to present.


Dean of Math and Science, Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA, August 2004 to February 2006.


Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Education Program,  Flathead Valley Community College, Kalispell MT,  Fall, 2008 to present.

Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Education Program,  Spokane Community College, Spokane,  WA, 2009 to present.




While with the Chemistry Department of Montana State University from 1975 to 2004, Dr. Grimsrud taught a wide range of courses at all levels of its undergraduate and graduate programs.   These include:


General Chemistry,  Semesters I and II *

Honors General Chemistry, Semester I and II *

Introduction to Analytical Chemistry, Classical Methods and Complex Aqueous Equilibria *

Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Semester I (Electrochemical Methods and Chromatography) *

Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Semester II (Spectroscopic Methods) *

Graduate Courses on special topics including:

       Mass Spectrometry *

       Methods for Trace Organic Analysis

       Electrochemical Methods of Analysis

       Chemical Equilibrium in Analytical Methods *

       Methods for Surface Analysis

       Chemical Separations and Chromatography     

       Atmospheric Chemistry

*denotes courses taught many times


Dr. Grimsrud also taught several of these courses while at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and Washington State University, Pullman, WA


Theses, dissertations and research directed for 23 graduate students


Michael J. Salyards, Ph.D.,  Analytical Chemistry, Fundamental Studies of the Electron Capture and Thermal Electron Detachment Reactions of Low Electron Affinity Compounds,   June 2003.    Lt. Col. / Dr.  Salyards presently teaches chemistry at the US Air Force Academy,  Colorado Springs, CO.   


Douglas Williamson, Ph.D.,  Analytical Chemistry, Fundamental Studies of Selected Gas Phase Ionization Processes by Pulsed e-beam High Pressure Mass Spectrometry, August, 2000. 


John Prins,  M.S.,  Analytical Chemistry,   Analysis of CF3- containing Compounds in the Background Atmosphere by High Resolution Gas Chromatography / High Resolution Mass Spectrometry,  2000.       

Richard Hughes, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, In Situ Conversion of Methyl Bromide to Methyl Iodide: A New Technique for the Measurement of Atmospheric Methyl Bromide by GC-ECD, 1998. 


Kris Sahlstrom, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry,  Investigation of Gas Phase Ion-Molecule Reactions at Elevated Pressures using Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry, 1997.


Mark Engen, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry,  Survey and Analysis of Halgenated Compounds in the Atmosphere by Gas Chromatography/High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, 1997.   Presently teaches chemistry at Winona State University, Winona Minnesota.


Aaron Brudenell, Plan B Masters degree.  December 1996.   Scientist in the Idaho State Forensics Laboratory


Rod Arbon, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Destruction of Poly-Chlorinated Biphenyls in Hydrocarbon Fluids by Exposure to Gamma Radiation, 1995.   Presently Research Chemist at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratories.


John Culbertson, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Fate of Negative Ions Upon Recombination with Positive Ions in the Gas Phase, 1995.   Head of Fire Prevention,  Extension Service, Montana State University.


Kyle Strode, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry Within the Photodetachment-Modulated Electron Capture Detector, 1993.  Presently teaches chemistry at Carroll College,  Helena, Montana.


John Culbertson, Masters Degree, Chemistry,  Unusual Negative Ions in High Pressure Electron Capture Mass Spectrometry of TCNE, 1991.


Rodney Arbon, Masters Degree, Chemistry, The Selective Detection of Iodinated Hydrocarbons by the Photodetachment-Modulated Electron Capture Detector, 1990.


Douglas R. Zook, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometric Sampling from the Atmospheric Pressure Ion Source, 1990.   Director of Mass Spectrometry,  Purdue Pharma,  New York.


Chris S. Jones, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, A Fundamental Study of the Thermionic Emission Detector Using Nitrogen Carrier Gas, 1989. 


L. Joseph Sears, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Unusual Negative Ions in High Pressure Electron Capture Mass Spectrometry, 1989.   Presently works for R.J.Lee Corporation at the site of Columbia Basin College,  Pasco,  Washington.


R. Steven Mock, Recipient of the Gordon Pagenkopf Research Award, 1989,  


Analytical Chemistry, The Photodetachment-Modulated Electron Capture Detector, 1989.   Presently teaches chemistry at the University of Montana at Dillon, in Dillon, Montana.


Christopher Pace, Masters Degree, Chemistry, Unusual Ions in the Electron Capture Mass Spectra of Perchlorinated and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, 1988.


Lisa A. Krieger, Masters Degree, Chemistry, Use of Ion Clustering Equilibrium for Isomer Identification in Electron Capture Mass Spectrometry, 1987.


C. Andrew Valkenburg, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Electron Capture Detector Response to Low Electron Affinity Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Positive Ion Stabilization and Alkyl Chloride Sensitization, 1987.    Presently a Senior Scientist with Energy Laboratories, Billings, Montana.


Robert J. Crawford, Masters Degree, Chemistry, Effect of Sampling Parameters on Analysis by Tandem Cell Gas Phase Coulometry, 1985.


Walter B. Knighton, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry,  Chemical and Physical Events Affecting the Quantitative Response of the Pulse 63Ni Electron Capture Detector, 1984.   Presently a Research Professor at Montana State University.


James A. Campbell, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry,  Application of the O2-doped ECD to Isomer Differentiation, 1984.   Presently  a Senior Scientist at Battelle Northwest Laboratories,  Richland, Washington.


Dennis A. Miller, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Alteration of the Response of the Electron Capture Detector by Addition of Oxygen to the Carrier Gas, 1980.   Presently a Senior Scientist with Lockheed Corporation,  Environmental Measurements Division.



Montana State Chemistry Department Service


Analytical Group Seminar Coordinator, 1975‑76

Department Seminar Coordinator, 1976‑78, 1990-91

Treasurer Montana Section ACS, 1977‑81

Analytical Division Coordinator, Treasurer and Social Director, NW Reg. Meeting of American Chemical Society, June 1981.

Chairman Analytical Division, 1979‑89

Chairman, six search committees.

Member, thirteen search committees

Member, Graduate Program Committee, 1980‑present

Chairman, Graduate Program Committee, 1987-92 , 1997-1998, 2001 to present.

Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1983‑87, 1988-89, 1990-96 (Chair, 1994-95 and 1995-96), 1997-2000, 2002- present. 

Director, MSU Mass Spectrometry Facility, 1982‑2000

Member, Chairmans Policy Committee, 1991-present

Member, Graduate Recruitment Committee, 1981‑88 and 1998-present

Undergraduate Advisor, 1994-2000.

Acting Department Head, Spring Semester 1996

Assistant Department Head, July 1, 1999, to June 30, 2001.


Montana State University Service


College of Letters and Science Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1986‑89 and 1996-1998.

Faculty Council, Member, 1988-94

Faculty Council Steering Committee, 1991-94

Presidential Search Committee, 1990-91

MSU Representation to State-wide Downsizing Committee, 1991-93

University Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1992

Dean of Letters and Science Search Committee, 1993

Dean of Library Search Committee, 1994-95

Provost Search Committee, 1995-96

MSU Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGSC), 1996-99

Acting Provost Search Committee, March, 1999

Presidential Scholarship Selection Committee,  Spring Semester, 2003


Bozeman, MT, Community Service


Candidate for Bozeman Public School Board, April 1993

Numerous Chemistry Demonstrations in the Bozeman Public Elementary Schools.

CAP Volunteer at Emily Dickenson Elementary School, 1996-1999.


Honors and Awards


National Collegiate Athletic Association Scholarship, 1966

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Fellowship, 1967‑68

National Defense Education Act, Title IV Fellowship, 1968‑70

MSU Wiley Research Award, 1982

St. Olaf College Athletic Hall of Fame, 1990

Dow Chemical Distinguished Teaching/Research Award in Analytical Chemistry, 1992

Cox Family Fund for Excellence Faculty Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching, 1993

CAP (Child Advancement Project) Volunteer of the Year Award (1998)




<>Dr. Grimsrud and his students have published more than a hundred articles and book

<>chapters in the peer-reviewed literature of chemistry and atmopsheric science.  These are

<>listed separately in another section of this Web site.